1. How do I gain the tracking number?

Customer Service Department of Banff Green Technologies, Inc. will send the tracking number of parcel to you via Email on the day of delivery. FedEx, DHL and EMS are the international freight agencies which are most used by us. And the real-time freight status can be inquired on the websites of these freight agencies through the corresponding tracking number.

2. Why make the certification for safe transport of goods?

Restrained by the relevant laws and policies of China, Banff Green Technologies, Inc. carries out the certification for safe transport of chemical goods before the shipment, and may charge you a certain cost for the certification of safe transport of goods. The corresponding cost will be expressed in the confirmation letter to order.

3. When will delayed delivery occur?

Banff Green Technologies, Inc. commits to make every effort to ensure the delivery on schedule. However, due to particularity of chemical synthesis and transport of chemical goods, in case of one or many of the following circumstances, the delayed delivery may still occur:
1) Such force majeure as the severe weather
2) Customs inspection/detained shipment
3) Goods are lost/ error delivery in the transport
4) In some unforeseen circumstances, explosion, fire and so on, occur in the chemical synthesis. Banff Green Technologies, Inc. has the obligation to notify the customers the technical predicament in the chemical synthesis as soon as possible.

4. How about freight agencies option and freight charge?

Unless otherwise agreed, terms of our offer are based on FOB (Shanghai).

Under tacit recognition of the client, the option of FedEx DHL or EMS as the International Freight Forwarder is made by Banff Green Technologies, Inc. according to the actual condition of the ordered product, and shipment cost is charged in accordance with the related quotes of the freight forwarder.

The client is entitled to specify a preferred shipping agency at the same time of releasing an order and provide the account of the freight agency. In that case, freights are no longer collected by Banff Green Technologies, Inc.